Calling Messrs Peace and Quiet

Innovation often scares people, and rarely is the fear justified. A good example is the perceived impact of mobile phones on people's privacy. Everyone would be carrying around a mobile; no place would be safe. We could be disturbed everywhere and at any time.
The mistake in this reasoning is that GSMs aren't forced on people, and those who have one can control it. Some people I know have given up their regular phone altogether, and they decide when to switch off their mobile phones. That way, they gain that same peace and quiet the pessimists said they would lose.

Posted by cronopio at 01:35 AM, June 04, 2003 | Comments (1)

I notice lots of people who have my mobile number expect me to be in reach 24/7 and they get annoyed when I don't answer the phone. I'm not going to let my life be ruled by any mobile device though. There's the answering machine and when it's really important, I'll get the message soon enough.

Posted by Morgaine.