Did anyone notice spam spelled backward is maps?

Dear Mr Rydell,

I'm not in the habit of reading spam, but sometimes, I'm actually entertained by them. You did the trick. I'm writing my response on this weblog because your spam says, 'DO NOT REPLY TO THIS E-MAIL, WE WILL NEVER RECEIVE IT!' (You're quite the shouter, aren't you?)
Your mail opens with the phrase, "Greetings, my name is Jonathan Rydell, a self-made Internet Millionaire, and I am offering YOU the opportunity to earn ONE MILLION DOLLARS without doing ANY work whatsoever!"
Mr Rydell, most people who are intelligent enough to use a web browser will have trouble believing this statement. There is such a thing as painting a too rosy picture of whatever you're selling. The promise of making a million bucks while apparently sitting on your ass all day fits snugly into this category. It's as believable as when someone were to walk up to you in the street and tell you that Penelope Cruz was about to drop by your house later for a hot date.
You continue with a link and the intriguing statement that 'AOL MEMBERS may need to type the above URL into your browser.' Well, I'm sorry Mr Rydell, but any AOL MEMBERS forcing themselves into my apartment to try and type the above URL (or anything else, for that matter) in my browser, will be chased out with the aid of a blunt instrument, and told to contact a certain J. Rydell for any damages.
Of course, I didn't press the link (my mom says I shouldn't, because 'you don't know where it's been') and was therefore left intrigued as to the nature of the scheme. Are we talking pyramid schemes here? Or does it involve Nigerian ex-government officials? I'm afraid I will never know, and I'm not saddened by it. In fact, thank you for lending an air of mystery to my inbox.

Yours sincerely,

Posted by cronopio at 01:32 AM, May 17, 2003 | Comments (2)

you mean aol users know what a url is?

Posted by pete.

I registred my domain and even got spam before I got anything online. Some company making logos thought I would be in need of one of those..

They just harvest newly registered domains and sending mail to something general like info@thatdomain.com I guess...

Posted by Morgaine.