I just couldn't resist


Herbert Nigsfeld jIH. jatlhwI' tlhingan Hol Qu'ra' juHmaw'vaD vItu'pu'. tlhIHvaD jIvumqang. tlhIHvaD jIlaHbejqu'.
tlhingan Hol vIjatlhchu' Daleghlah. Doch lI'be' Qub SoSwI', 'ach DoH lI'qu'! jImaw' jalth je SoSwI'. vaj ghotpu'vaD maw' vum qay'be'chu'.
tlhihvaD HIvummoH!

Herbert Nigsfeld


And here's the translation.


I'm Herbert Nigsfeld. I found out about your search for a speaker of the Klingon language for your mental home. I want to work for you. I most certainly can work for you!
You can see I speak Klingon perfectly. My mom says it's useless, but now it's useful! My mom also says I'm crazy. So it's clearly no problem to work for the mentally ill.
Let me work for you!

Herbert Nigsfeld

Posted by cronopio at 06:02 PM, May 15, 2003