This is the true story of seven strangers, picked to post on a blog, to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real.

I guess some people on this blog need to learn to respect other people's cultures. Categorizing all of Chinese opera as "constipated people trying to hold in a sneeze" is a generalization at best. Especially Qi Gong (1537-1572) is known for his more "cat in heat" style.
Posted by Ying at 10:33 PM
Those of you who've been reading this blog know that this posting is addressed to a specific somebody. You know who you are, and if you ever criticize our beloved President again, prepare for a cavity search next time you take an international flight.
Posted by Tyrone at 9:28 PM
Despite my repeated announcements, I'm disappointed that the Emily Dickinson site is not getting the increased traffic I was hoping for. And my publishing company also hasn't rung me about increased sales of my poetry. Just a reminder, "Wilting Lily" and "Memories of the Kingfisher" are still for sale at Wellser Publishing House.
Posted by Jennifer at 2:25 PM
If there's one thing I learned during my years as a macarena dancer in Acapulco, it's the importance of personal hygiene. I have a growing suspicion that some of my fellow bloggers don't have it at the top of their priority list. A word of warning: the words "Old Spice" refer to the actual smell of the product. Imagine the result of rolling around in a bathtub of dried cumin and coriander seeds for an hour and you get the idea.
Posted by Javier at 12:13 PM
Sigh.. I'm amazed that no one has guessed my secret yet.. and to think that I've been more than generous with hints. Well, here's another one: I used to be quite different at one time. I've made a big and important change a few years back and not regretted it ever since... If you look closely, you may discover what I'm getting at..
Posted by Darlene at 11:08 AM
I have returned. Yesterday, after tea, a Mr Todd Jeffries came by to take a look at my computing machine. A strange kind of fellow, he appears to be wearing a nasal ring. But he was most expedient in repairing the blasted thing, so I am now once again at your service.
Posted by Alan at 8:57 AM
It's a bright and sunny day people!!!!!!!
I just got up and my goodness is it sunny!!! I want everybody here to know how happy I am today!! Are you with me people?? Come on, I wanna see a smile!!

Posted by Lori at 6:51 PM