Food and drink firsts this holiday

Here are some foods and drinks I tried for the first time this 2009-2010 holiday season.
Veuve Clicquot champagne

A real champagne, and a real treat. It's pretty strong and a notch above the champagne I've been lucky enough to drink from time to time so far, Moët & Chandon. This bottle came in a special jacket with a zipper, to keep it cold(ish) for up to 2 hours if you take it outside. Beats your basic bubbly.

Green mustard with tarragon

Made by a company called Edmond Fallot, this poison-green condiment is not just wasabi-like in its color: handle with care!

Burro di Bufala

As far as bovine butters go, this bison-based concoction beats the common cow in my buttery competition. Oh give me a Rome where the buffalo roam!

Morning Reviver tea

Chock-full of citrus fruits, but zingy rather than sweet, this tea from Whittard of Chelsea is to die for.

Posted by zeptimius at 07:11 PM, January 01, 2010