Reviews of fictional bars and restaurants

Central Perk, 341 Hudson St, New York, NY
"Decent coffee" at this Greenwich Village "relaxed place to hang out", but beware: "The cozy corner with the couch is almost always taken." Frequented by a twentysomething crowd who "seem to have nothing better to do". Avoid on weekends when a local singer-songwriter peforms "the most godawful live music known to man".

Cheers, 212 Canal St, Boston, MA
"Strictly for locals", this classic Boston dive located below the fancy restaurant Melville's, is anything but fancy. Beware the "waitress with a notorious attitude problem". The beer is cheap, but "the two guys at the end of the bar just won't stop talking". The young bartender tends to screw up your order, he's "not the brightest bulb in the box".

Café Nervosa, 76 Pike Street (corner 3rd Ave), Seattle, WA
"Middle-aged singles aplenty" in this trendy coffee bar that serves "a mean espresso". Popular with the working crowd in the surrounding area.

Posted by zeptimius at 11:59 AM, December 01, 2008