Just The Trailer: Imaginary movies, part1

I love movie trailers. Most movie trailers condense the speed, action and/or humor of a movie in a few short minutes in a blast of energy that often puts the full-length feature to shame.
Filmmakers also love movie trailers, so much in fact that they sometimes that they make trailers for movies that don't exist. I'm collecting them as far as I remember running into them, but if you know any, please let me know!
To kick things off, here's the trailer for That's Armageddon', a 70s disaster movie that will have you 'scared shitless', starring George Lazenby and a cameo by Donald Sutherland. This trailer featured in the zany sketch compilation, 'Kentucky Fried Movie'.

Posted by zeptimius at 11:38 AM, August 20, 2008