Spam is getting more like free verse every day

Spamfilters keep getting harder to break, I guess, but this spam I received is ridiculous. Apparently, they are trying to sell me something called a Garment of Repulsion, pretty neat from the sound of it, but some whole other story about credit card debt comes barging in.

Our attorneys discovered a mistake inside the bank laws, Using waht we found
we were successful at entirely eliminating peop1es creditcarddebt without
them having to pay one more dime. We know that our firm can do this for you

Please contact us-

information or to finish receiving or to look at our location

Why don't you walk down? asked Eureka. Many were killed outright, while
others fell wounded to be trampled upon by those who pressed on from the
rear I'm as hungry as the horse is, and I want my milk. Rob maintained his
position in the front rank, but escaped all injury through the possession of
the Garment of Repulsion

Imagine if commercial snail mail or real live sales pitches went like this. "So you see, Stain-B-Gone is perfect to wipe away any spot." (pause) "May the armies of Snardor be victorious in their Great Battle against Nordach!"

Posted by cronopio at 09:35 AM, January 08, 2007