The Scrabble Writing Prompt: 40 percent

Liang and I next met a few hundred yards away from the treasure. He'd sent me a helio from the mountaintop, and I'd worked my way up across the aa until I reached the grot in which he hid. As I sat down beside him on the rya he'd spread out, I saw meteors dip across the ebon sky. "Jee" I sighed at the fat silhouette. "Let's make a wish for good luck," I said. "Mm", he replied. "Are we still on?" I asked nervously. "Sure, Ed. But I warn you: we may have some problems." "God!" I shouted. "Relax", Liang said. "Look down."
Surrounding the palace were four goons with fusils, walking with vacua of a dozen meters or so between them in a cwm around the building. "They're mostly mercenaries", Liang explained. "But one of them is a looey. If my info is correct, he'll enter the kitchen at 7, eat a plate of ziti sitting by the stoves, creating a gap for about 15 minutes. Then we strike."
"Any more surprises once we're inside? Dogs?" "No worries, I have minced meat with tranqs mixed in. Two bites and they'll sleep like a bairn."
We headed out to the al, our only place of hiding, and cowered in its moonlight shade. I looked at an ant crawling across the tree, and compared it to the old me, who eked out a lowly existence on the Shanghai quai. Tonight, that would be over. The ring would bring me fortunes untold, and I could retire with Jennifer, a lez whom I'd managed to convince that she was actually bi.
"Oy!" whispered Liang, visibly vext, "Are ya deaf?!" I didn't answer. I wondered if I could trust Liang. He himself seemed impervious to danger, said his chi had saved him. He always said I didn't let my id speak enough. But then, Liang was known for his fibs. "Ah, what the hell', I said, threw aside the herl I'd been rubbing between my fingers, and joined him.

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Posted by cronopio at 04:51 PM, September 18, 2006