Car vs public transport: no match

To many it may seem absurd, but I'm only now, in my mid-thirties, learning to drive a car.
Most people my age have either learned it long ago or given up altogether. In the Netherlands, you can get by fairly easily without a car: the public transport network is one of the densest in the world. The problem is that drivers and public transport users are not often exposed to the other type's transportation, and so they view it with skepticism and bias. That (well, that and my general fuddy-duddiness) explains why I was surprised to learn that a drive from Amsterdam to The Hague takes about twice as much time by public transport as by car.
To test whether this was generally true, I went to two route planner Web sites: one for public transport, another for a car. I entered 5 sets of random zip codes and watched.
The results are horrifying. On average, public transport takes 1.96 times more times than a car ride. The difference is so staggering that I'm surprised anybody still takes the train. I'll consider this a morale boost for my driving lessons. And yes, I know that this does not take traffic jams into account, but still.
Behold the horrifying results.

Posted by cronopio at 01:38 PM, July 28, 2006