GVB signs

A good sign in a public place immediately and unambiguously communicates its meaning. A picture of a burning cigarette with a red stripe or cross through it can hardly be understood otherwise.
Here's a selection of signs from the GVB, the Amsterdam public transport system, and what I think they should mean.

Buy one ticket: cool. Buy two tickets "just to be sure": even cooler. Thanks!
By all means, bring your bike.
No bikes
Oh wait, on second thought, it's prohibited.
Rollerblading on a skateboard
Don't try to rollerblade on a skateboard. No one has ever managed that.
Dog shit
This is Amsterdam. You're gonna step in dog shit. But don't use our seats to get it off.
No free jazz improv
Don't bring along a kiddie trumpet when you take your boombox. It's annoying.
You shouldn't be eating and drinking all this junk.
Safety check
Do not use strollers that "levitate" and are made from toothpicks. And save that baseball cap until your kid is big enough for Little League.

Posted by cronopio at 01:58 PM, July 10, 2006