Fake Movie Reviews: "Helix"

Apart from reviewing actual movies, I've decided to also review movies that only exist within another movie. This movie, "Helix", only exists in the movie "Notting Hill".

Exobiologist Zelda Zoron, aboard the deep space vessel Helix with her skeleton crew, responds to a distress call. She's tricked into letting Vorgor, a psychopathic flesh-eating robot (Gonzalez) onto the ship. What follows is the traditional elimination game that, in this case, leaves only Lt. Murray (Harrison) and Zoron standing. I won't reveal the surprise ending, suffice to say that the movie changes its tone considerably and has sparked all sorts of Web discussions about time travel paradoxes.
"Helix" marks Anna Scott's first attempt to abandon her girlie romcom image and venture into unexplored genres. Director Harvey Schmidt does a fine job balancing between "Aliens" action adventure and "Space Odyssey"-type visual poetry. Harrison's supporting role is pretty much phoned in, and the rest of the crew are, frankly, talentless unknowns who were never heard from again. In the end, it's Scott who carries the film, and does so fairly succesfully. Hollywood dictated that there be a sequel, but "Helix 2" was a big disappointment.

Posted by cronopio at 02:13 PM, June 16, 2006