Welcome to teh Internets!!!1

Yes, you! Welcome to internet! You may find people here who speak a weird and whacky language, using acronyms to abbreviate common phrases. For your convenience, I'll explain some of them.

FYIFondle Your Intestines. This phrase refers to satisfied internet users who tickle their tummy after a particularly good pizza.
IMHOInternet Male Homosexual. Considered one of the worst insults on the 'Net. If someone says something like "IMHO, Bush is a great president", all bets are off.
A/S/LAged, Sex-deprived Loser. This refers to the speaker himself.
BRBBaud Rate Beautiful. This means the user has a very fast internet connection.
BTWBeware the Wolf-Woman. Refers to a mythical internet creature that supposedly eats bandwidth.

Posted by cronopio at 01:36 PM, January 30, 2006