Happy 2006!

My girlfriend and I celebrated the new year with a group of her friends, in the pouring rain, under a spectacular display of fireworks, and with a bottle of champagne in my coat pocket, that we were careful to prevent from becoming diluted in the rain by drinking merrily to the new year.
As for snowstone, it saw some 20,000 unique visitors this year. Actually it was 19,991, so thanks a lot, you nine bastards who heard about this weblog and did not bother to check it out. The top month was March. I have no idea why, or it must be the porn story I posted that month (loyal readers will remember). Anyway, I refuse to get into corporate-style predictions of doubling the audience this coming year. Just know that snowstone will continue, and will continue to stick it to The Man. Here's hoping for a Bush impeachment in '06, a first step toward Peace on Earth.

Posted by cronopio at 04:47 PM, January 02, 2006