IMDb Top 250 month Roundup

Well, that's it with the IMDb Top 250 movies for now. Most of the month of November 2005 here at snowstone consisted of movie reviews, and although I will still be hunting down Top 250 movies and posting reviews, things will calm down.
After a month of intense movie-watching, I can honestly say that trying to see all 250 movies left me with mixed feelings. It's obvious that the taste of IMDb reviewers does not correspond with the general public's (for example, Titanic, the best grossing movie of all time by a wide margin, does not even feature anywhere in the Top 250). On the other hand, the list only partially overlaps with the top-100s of revered movie critics such as Roger Ebert or Pauline Kael (the latter infamously trashed Star Wars, which went on to become the then most popular movie of all time and now ranks high in the IMDb list).
So where's my taste in all this? Well, it varies. Non-US movies are dramatically underrepresented, especially Italian and French ones. Animation and other fare primarily aimed at underage audiences rank disproportionately high, by which I don't mean to say that they're bad movies, just that they don't leave a lasting impression. That said, it's not a coincidence that I'd already seen some 60% of the list before I started, and that more than one of them was a pleasant surprise.
I will continue filling the list, check the little counter on the left of the snowstone homepage to see how I'm doing.


Posted by cronopio at 01:15 PM, December 01, 2005