Collect the whole set!

Shortly after discovering, a site that lets you manage which IMDb Top 250 movies you have or haven't seen, a nerd-like obsession to watch all Top 250 movies came over me. The tally now already stands at 192, a number which can go up as I watch movies, but also down as new unseen movies are added at the bottom of the list. I'm going to try and see lots of the unseen movies, and with a very good DVD rental place nearby, I'm sure I can get quite far.
That said, the list as it stands is not one I'd necessarily agree with. Geek classics such as Star Wars movies and Lord of the Rings movies score disproportionately high, and US movies predominate. Just to give you some stats, here are two views on today's snapshot of the Top 250:

To check my progress on seeing all of the movies, see the little "IMDB" indicator on the left, or check my page on the twofifty site.

Posted by cronopio at 01:13 PM, November 07, 2005