Sorting the laundry

Doing the laundry is annoying. It's a chore you want to get over with quickly. I spend too much time sorting my laundry. There it is: the big, intimidating bag of laundry. There's dark stuff. There's colored stuff. There's white stuff. This I can handle. But there's more.
Clothing has labels that tell you what you can and can't do. Don't wash a 30-degree blouse on 40 degrees or you'll ruin it. Don't wash a 40-degree T-shirt on 30 degrees, or the stain won't come out. So I spend precious minutes of my otherwise dazzling life turning shirts inside out to find the label and its instructions.
That said, the symbols on the labels are also puzzling to say the least. It must be obvious to any normal person that an equilateral triangle pointing upward indicates 'bleach', but for some insane reason I keep forgetting.
So here's my solution: the Laundry List (see link below). This is a PDF document that not only explains what each of the symbol means, but also lets you fill in descriptions of your clothes and check which symbols apply. This does not seem as time-consuming as it sounds: items like "towels" and "sheets" can be grouped under one item since you wash them all the same way (unless you're one of those glib characters who has silk sheets). So: download, print, fill in and hang in the damp, cramped room that is your laundry location.

Get the Laundry List

Please note: This document is for European use only. For some reason, Americans and Europeans use slightly different symbols on their laundry labels. (Wouldn't they just.) Also, Americans call these things 'care labels', meaning that if you don't care, you can ignore them.

Posted by cronopio at 01:12 PM, November 04, 2005