Movie night

'Close the door, will ya!' said Eric, as Peter brought in the cold wind and some of the blizzard that was raging outside.
'All right all right, keep your shirt on!' Peter shouted.
'Oh, don't worry, I will.' Eric had made this joke thousands of times.
Peter lowered the hood of his parka and held up two large discs.
'You got the movies!' Eric yelled.
'Sure do. Now let's see if we can get that crummy old projector up and running, and we'll have ourselves a good time!'
Both men cheered and they enthusiastically set up the movie projector, using a broad sheet of sail for a screen.
Eric put on the first of the two reels and they shouted like little children when the logo of a movie company appeared on the canvas. For the next two minutes, they sat transfixed as a trailer for a high-powered, fast-edited action movie dazzled their retinas.
Then came the sobering message: "Coming soon to a theater near you." Suddenly quiet, the two men began to cry, sobs that were lost in the icy wasteland of the Antarctic that surrounded their tent for hundreds of miles.

Posted by cronopio at 01:20 PM, October 17, 2005