Tourist Mobile

When we were on holiday, my girlfriend and me were ringing up quite some costs with our mobiles. Remember that if you're staying in X and you live in Y, a call placed to a number in X costs as much as a call from X to Y and back from Y to X. Also, we were constantly trying to find numbers of tourist agencies, boat rental companies, etc etc.
Which got me thinking.
Why not have a tourist mobile phone? This phone would be a local phone, so the costs of calls would be low. It would be loaded with a prepaid card and, what's more, the phone directory of the mobile would be filled with all kinds of local numbers: hotels, museums, restaurants. Rather than find out the number, the user would just select the name of the place they wanted to reach and press Dial. The user would have to pay a deposit or insurance premium to cover loss or theft.
I really wonder why nobody thought of this before.. or have they?

Posted by cronopio at 04:49 PM, September 15, 2005