War of the Worlds

3 out of 5 snowstones

If you don't know the Four Word Film Review site yet, check it out. You may think at first that it's impossible to review a movie in four words, but after seeing a movie like "War of the Worlds", you realize that you can. Here's my proposed review for this movie:

Cruise escapes aliens. (Repeat.)

That, in fact, is all that happens during the entire movie. Note that I say "Cruise", not "people", because the movie has a lot of Tom Cruise in it. In fact, the movie almost exclusively has Tom Cruise in it. I think you'd be hard pressed to find more than about a minute or two of footage that does not have Tom Cruise in it. Tom Cruise shocked, Tom Cruise horrified, Tom Cruise crying, Tom Cruise nervous. How much Tom Cruise is that? A lot. The movie could have been called "War of the Cruise" (although that might have made people think that it was a remake of "Speed 2", and they would have stayed away).
Anyway, the movie is full of jaw-dropping scenes of basically everything exploding and everybody getting killed, which is quite a sight, especially if someone like Spielberg directs it. That said, some plot wouldn't have killed ya, Steve. But anyway, see it and enjoy it, unless you hate Tom Cruise.

Posted by cronopio at 01:29 PM, July 28, 2005