Usability Beef with Broccoli

Dear Internet Explorer Usability Team,

Your Internet Explorer application can show standalone images (i.e. not as part of a Web page) of various file types in a browser window. Your Internet Explorer application also has a Print functionality. However, if you print a largish image from Internet Explorer, the application does not resize the image to fit on the page, but simply cuts it off where it doesn't fit. What's more, I don't see any place where I can do the resize myself. (In contrast, Firefox, your arch-nemesis, does nicely resize the image, all by itself.)

There's a couple of mysteries here. First, your application must be in use by a gazillion users. I know it's free, but so is Firefox, which has a much smaller user base. If they could go to the trouble of resizing an image before printing, why couldn't you?

Second, if you can't resize the image, why print it at all? Who could possibly be happy with a printed half-image? In short, this functionality doesn't just not do what you do want it to do, it also does do what you don't want it to do. Especially if you're color-printing at Kinko's at $2.75 a pop.

Please fix this in the next Service Pack.

Yours incredulously,


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Posted by cronopio at 01:29 PM, July 26, 2005