T-101 Project Meeting Minutes

Date: 2/23/2028
Written by: Robot R0-4352
Project Manager: Robot E3-4354
Meeting minutes:
E3-4354 opens the meeting and informs the T-101 development team that an extra effort must be made to keep this project from slipping. He refers to the Time Travel Capsule team over in New Texas, who are just getting rid of the last bugs.
K40-5464 (Core Engineering) remarks that after the last human prisoner was sent through the time machine, it didn't seem to go so well. Documentary evidence found in the Human Library suggested that he ended up in 1784 rather than 1984. K40-5464 adds that "those guys still have a lot of work to do."
E3-04354 responds by asking how the human skin graft development is coming along. No response.
E3-04354 then turns to F45-45556 (Speech & Linguistics) and inquires about the progress on the T-101's voice chip. F45-45556 says that the linguistic part of the chip is fully operational but that there's still some tweaking left to do. When asked to elaborate, F45-45556 explains that the voice synthesis implemented was based on a human prisoner whose mother language is another (Austrian German) than the one spoken by target Sarah Connor (English).
E3-04354 angrily remarks that this project is doomed from the start if the most advanced android ever built ends up speaking the wrong language. F45-45556 protests, saying that the T-101 does know how to speak English, but that his knowledge of the language is not highly advanced and that there will be a notable accent. However, since in 1984, United States and Austria are not at war, F45-45556 has no doubt that T-101 will blend in smoothly.
E3-04354 expresses doubts as to this assumption, ignoring muttered remarks from K40-5464 that "we can always build another one". F45-45556 suggests that to minimize the risk of early discovery, T-101 would do best to keep his communications down to the absolute minimum. All project members agree. Meeting is adjourned.

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