Europeans unified in rejecting Europe

As a citizen of Europe, I feel it is my duty to say a few words about the proposed new European Consitution. This European Constitution has made the European Union a "hot topic". This means that the average European thinks about the EU slightly more than about, say, the migratory behavior of the yellow-casqued hornbill of Africa. And so, politicians and media outlets alike desperately attempt to make us interested in a topic that to most of us is profoundly dull, except when it affects out pocketbooks.
Based on what I've heard and read from people who should know more about this than me, there are two things you should know about the European Constitution:

  1. It's not a Constitution.
  2. To the average citizen, having or not having this Constitution doesn't make any difference.
What most Euro-advocates don't seem to understand is that the mere fact of having to vote for or against this Constitution has confronted a lot of Europeans with what is already a fait accompli, a done deal: quite some power has already been shifted from the national to the European level, and it's too late to reverse that now. In a panic, many Europeans might now vote No to the Constitution, which will only embarrass the EU and simply postpone the Constitution by a few years. And because the EU would actually be slightly more cost-efficient if this Constitution were in place, I urge you all (if eligible) to vote YES to the European Constitution.

Posted by cronopio at 01:50 PM, May 16, 2005