A recent survey in the Netherlands about freedom produced some interesting and unexpected results:

Note how the responses to the first and second question seem to be at odds with each other. Most polled seemed to think that they could be the offended party in question 1, whereas in question 2, they didn't imagine themselves the object of discrimination. This, then, is what more and more Dutch people are today: easily offended but even more easily offensive.
I personally can't imagine what it is that might offend anyone in what must be the sweetest, most harmless and most tolerant country in the world. As one Dutch citizen once commented, "you can't fart in this country without a government committee jumping up to help you take a shit."
But that's Holland as an institution. Dutch citizens, on the other hand, are becoming more and more narrow-minded, callous and bigoted, as this poll helps to show. If I offended the 37 percent from Question 1 with that comment, great.

Posted by cronopio at 01:21 PM, May 06, 2005