Basil's cousin

If you ever need to refer a person you hate to a hotel in the city of Leeuwarden (known locally as Ljouwert), be sure to refer them to this fine establishment: Café/Hotel 't Anker. Where 'fine'actually means 'totally disgusting'.
The place featured a shower and toilet outside the room. Not much of a problem, since no other guests could be detected. However, the toilet smelled like an open sewer and the shower could rival the bathing facilities at most Mongolian camping grounds. The light in the hall did not work, nor did the main light in the hotel room. The wallpaper in our room managed to look rusty in places, and soap was nowhere to be found. The breakfast, included in the price, featured stale bread, greasy salami and bitter orange juice.
In short, a truly horrid experience that was only compensated by the fact that we were staying only one night. Once again, that's Hotel 't Anker in Leeuwarden. Tell your enemies.

Posted by cronopio at 10:46 PM, April 28, 2005