Untouched by an Angel

Who knew? Now you can send an e-mail to an angel! Of course, I couldn't resist giving it a try, especially when I found out you can mail individual angels. Here's what I submitted to the angel known as Metatron:

Dear Metatron,

You have a cool name for an angel. Metatron --it sounds like one of
the Transformers™. "Mighty Metatron© and the Heroes of Heaven® have been imprisoned by Skeletor™! Will they manage to escape?!
Stay tuned!"

Anyway, I have a few questions.
1. Given that you are a non-corporeal entity, how do you manage to
reply to this e-mail? Or do you not reply at all? All I seem to get is
an autogenerated confirmation.
2. I checked the list of angels three times, but there's an angel I'd
like to contact that I can't seem to find. His name is Lucifer, but
maybe you know him as Beelzebub. Could you ask around if anyone knows
where I can contact him?

Thanks for your help,


Sadly, no reply yet. But I'm keeping my fingers and crucifixes crossed.

Posted by cronopio at 12:31 PM, March 29, 2005