Blast from the Past - Kinky Friedman

A friend told me once about a Jewish cowboy called Kinky Friedman, a country songwriter ('They Ain't Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore') detective novelist ('God Bless John Wayne'), and a gubernatorial candidate for Texas, with bipartisan support (both Clinton and Dubya are fans).
Reason enough to try 'Blast from the Past', which tells of Kinky's first sleuthing. In it, he cracks wiser than a Marlowe full of booze. Problem is, if you strip away the one-liners (admittedly, that's more stripping than your average Choo-Choo LaVerne does in her entire career), the plot is about as hollow as a ten-gallon Stetson.
Posted by cronopio at 01:35 AM, May 04, 2004