Requiescat in Pace

I attended a cremation today. I didn't know the deceased very well, but the various speakers at the ceremony gave me a short summary of his life. It's strange to think that your existence will be summed up in some 40 minutes of speeches one day.
One story that was told was the kind I'd like to hear told at my funeral: the man who died was visiting friends in the city one summer day. When he went to bed, he wanted to open a window. His friends said that, this being the less friendly part of town, it might not be a good idea. The man said that he would deal with whatever situation would occur.
That night, the curtain moved, and a hand appeared through the window. Undaunted, the man grabbed the hand and just shook it. The hand's owner pulled the hand back in alarm, and did not make any further attempts to come in.

Posted by cronopio at 11:52 PM, March 01, 2004