Hooray for spam!

The digital diarrhea flowing into our inboxes is an oft-bemoaned problem. If you're tired of endless whining about spam, here are some of its advantages.
  • Email account testing. No spam mean something's wrong.
  • Use fictitious names of spam senders:
    • Reservations: "I'd like to book a table for two for Saturday. Emil Newsome. Yes, thank you."
    • Characters for your novel/screenplay/play: "Logan L. Buckner appeared from the shadows. 'We meet again', the snorkeling champion announced."
    • Secret identities. On the run from the law? Check into that motel as Zane Walton.
  • Spam's always something worth blogging about.
Posted by cronopio at 09:30 PM, February 27, 2004