Nice Little Country

An envelope delivered to my home today read, 'IMPORTANT INFORMATION'. The card inside read: 'The Dutch Registration Organization, Regoned, is making an inventory of illegal aliens in the Netherlands. Even if you are not an illegal alien, we wish to point out that you must answer the questions and return this form to us forthwith.'
Questions include, 'Are you an illegal alien?', 'How many people do you know to be illegal aliens?', and 'How are you related to these people?'
I don't know any Regoned. They seem unconnected to the government. Their (Dutch) website clarifies nothing.
I won't fill in this form, or send it in. For all I know, Regoned are neonazis. Whoever they are, I loathe this organization, which preys on people's blind trust in authority.
Update: It's an arts project. That's a relief. Then again, if a lot of people send it in, it isn't.

Posted by cronopio at 11:22 PM, December 27, 2003