Somebody fire this guy

In case you've been living on a desert island, let me inform you that Michael Jackson has surrendered himself to the police answering charges of sexual child abuse.
On, the Legal Analyst there called Andrew Cohen, had this to say about the matter.

"This is a very serious, felony charge against Jackson and it brings with it the possibility of significant prison time if he is convicted."

Rarely was I so amazed by a legal analyst's razor-sharp perceptiveness. The charge is very serious, and if Jackson is convicted, there's the possibility of significant prison time. My, my, Mr Cohen, you don't beat around the bush, do you? You tell it like it is.

Jackson, meanwhile is rumored to be resorting to a competely novel defense approach. Rather than citing sunshine, moonlight or good times as factors that plead in his favor, the pop star has opted to "blame it on the boogie."

Posted by cronopio at 11:54 PM, November 20, 2003