Fate's Infant

'Destiny's Child. Whats that all about?'
'Destiny's Child? Thats about some serious booI mean, female self-confidence.'
'No, no, the name!'
'What about it?'
'Why is it Destinys Child if there's three of them?'
'Maybe there was only one at first.'
'And the others joined later?'
'That, or they were Siamese triplets.'
'Siamese triplets?'
'You know, surgically separated.'
They don't look like triplets.'
'Well, that's plastic surgery for you. Or maybe they're nonidentical triplets.'
'Nonidentical, Siamese triplets?'
'Hey, it happens!'
'No it doesn't!'
'We should ask theirI mean, its mom.'
'You sure Destiny is a she?'
'Definitely. You don't name a guy after a virtue.'
'She could have called them "Destiny's Daughters". Better yet, "Daughters of Destiny."'
'What do you mean, "Nah"! It's alliteration, man!'
'Sounds like an all-girl death metal band.'
'All-girl death metal bands rule.'
'I don't know. The raspy, low voices are a bit of a turn-off.'
'You are so last millennium.'
'How did we get to this subject?'

Posted by cronopio at 10:08 AM, October 15, 2003