Minor change

'Say, cronopio, I noticed your monthly archives are gone.'
'Yeah, User, I changed the template.'
'Because no-one searches time-based archives. Imagine a visitor going, "There was this one hilarious posting I remember! It was in early September 2002!" Unless you have a newsblog or current events blog, time is irrelevant. Every blogger should ditch their time-based archives and use category-based archives instead.'
'Hey listen! I have a blog, and I post about whatever pops into my head! I don't respect your so-called "categories" straitjacket, fascist pig.'
'OK. You want a blog like congealed spaghetti? Fine with me. But don't impose some imaginary structure onto it by using time-based archives. Just make sure that Search button does its job and we can part like friends.'
'And what about the calendar thingy at top left? That's time-based, innit? Ha! Talk your way out of that one!'
'No problem, young grasshopper. The calendar interface (or, as I prefer to call it, the "Jewish Mother" component) is there for me, the author. It reminds me of the infrequency of my postings and pushes me to post more.'
'I see. Thank you for this enlightening piece of info, cro.'
'No problem, User.'

Posted by cronopio at 04:03 PM, October 13, 2003