Childish but too good to skip

Idiotic Amazon reviews are all the rage. Some, like those for William Shatner's 'Transformed Man' and David Hasselhoff's, ehm, unique musical talents, are left untouched; others, such as for the Key Tronic 104-Key Keyboard Win95 PS/2 L-Shape Enter Key, or a book by the unfortunately named Martin Wank, 'Sex, Freud and Folly', are swiftly removed by the diligent bastards at Here, then, for posterity, is my review of Wank's book.

"Wank has erected a momument to modern psychotherapy. His style, which is rigid yet sanguine, demonstrates Wanks firm grasp on the subject matter. Some might say theres something self-serving about his prose, but it grabbed me nonetheless. Like the proverbial Aladdins lamp that only delivers its payload when rubbed vigorously, Wanks material can be hard to master. But as I reached the end of the work, the pace increased and finally exploded in a liberating, fluidly delivered conclusion. The white pages at the end of the book are a perfect way for the somewhat exhausted reader to contemplate what came before."

Posted by cronopio at 01:53 PM, October 08, 2003