Stop Watching CNN

Refreshing the BBC news site today, I was horrified to discover 14 civilians had died in a bombing in a Baghdad market. Various Reuters reporters had witnessed the attack, it said, and the nearest military target was a quarter of a mile away.
It all reminded me of the Bosnian Serb attack on the Sarajevo market in the nineties.
I turned to to find out if they had any more information.
The story wasn't on their page.
Anywhere on their page.
Instead, there was a headline saying that the second week of the war was looking tough for US forces.
I checked a few hours later. The news was crammed in some small space and said Iraq "claimed" it had happened and that the US "would be investigating."
I will never visit again. Ever.

Posted by cronopio at 12:48 AM, March 27, 2003