The Return of Thomas Swift

  • 'If I only knew someone who could poetically inspire me...', mused Tom.
  • 'I don't care about driving drunk tonight, my girlfriend's left me', Tom said ruthlessly.
  • 'I see you have a talent for music', Tom noted.
  • 'I happen to own a large amount of ships', Tom said fleetingly.
  • 'Who- who- who- who- who- Who let the dogs out?!' Tom barked.
  • 'Don't eat all the cake!', said Tom tartly.
  • 'All these clothes I have to put on!' Tom said wearily.
  • 'You're saying my insurance is no longer valid?!' Tom exclaimed.
  • 'Your chemical burned a hole in my carpet', Tom said acidly.

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Posted by cronopio at 01:22 AM, February 18, 2003