The Encyclopedia of Questionable Lyrics, Part 1

Julio Iglesias was creepy, but the son he spawned is weirder:

If you feel like leaving
I'm not gonna beg you to stay
Soon you'll be finding
You can run, you can hide
But you can't escape my love


Gee, Enrique sure knows the way to a woman's heart. He'll unlock the handcuffs if she insists, but the tracking device has no 'off' switch.
What's that? Shouts from the audience? 'You're just jealous, cronopio. He'll be sweet–even if it means violating a restraining order.' Well, pshaw, I say, read this:

Maybe I just wanna touch you
Feel you warm inside again
Maybe I just wanna hurt you
The sweetest pleasure is pain
I don't know why why
But I love to see you cry
I don't know why why
It just makes me feel alive

('Love to see you cry')

So the stalker is a sadist, too!. Book me a dream date with Enrique, but keep the ambulance in neutral. He may not 'know why', but I do, Enrique: 'cause you're a fucking sicko, that’s why.

Posted by cronopio at 01:51 AM, February 04, 2003