The First Human Clown

Veteran interviewer David Frost was on TV talking to Dr Brigitte Bosselier, who claims to have cloned the first human, and RaŽl, her guru and leader of the Raelians. In condensed form, this was said:
Frost: Dr Bosselier, can you show any proof?
Bosselier: No. The participants agreed to disclose their identities, but now they won't. I respect their wishes. An independent researcher investigating the claim would endanger their privacy.
Frost: I see. And you, RaŽl, you believe you were visited by an alien, right?
RaŽl: Yes, in fact, I know that these aliens created all life on this planet, and if you read the Bible closely, it confirms this.
Frost: I see. Thank you.

Some of the questions Mr Frost failed to ask:

  • Why did this alien visit you of all people, RaŽl? You must have been a bad choice, virtually nobody buys your story.
  • Why didnít this alien leave you any proof (such as some of his technology or some material exclusive to his planet) to convince more than a handful of morons that the visit actually took place?
  • Is it a coincidence that a cult with a UFO story, conveniently without any proof, claims to have cloned humans, again conveniently without any proof?
  • How would it endanger the participants' privacy if the independent researcher would meet them in a secret location?
  • Wouldn't your clone story gain credibility by not being linked to your sect?
  • In fact, doesn't the absence of any proof combined with RaŽl freely ranting about his beliefs strongly indicate that this is simply a publicity stunt fed by RaŽl's megalomania?
  • And finally, are you out of your fucking minds?

Posted by cronopio at 10:16 PM, January 05, 2003