Nielsen Ratings

Usability guru Jakob Nielsen released the 2002 Top Ten Web-Design Mistakes. My score's 7/10:

  1. No Prices. I don't sell anything.
  2. Inflexible Search Engines. Guilty.
  3. Horizontal Scrolling. Nope.
  4. Fixed Font Size. Nope.
  5. Blocks of Text. See the 100 words rule under About.
  6. JavaScript in links. Nope.
  7. Infrequently asked questions in FAQ. My About page isn't a FAQ but follows the format. Guilty, your honor.
  8. Collecting email addresses without a privacy policy. I don't and won't.
  9. URL > 75 characters. Nope.
  10. Mailto links in unexpected locations. A mailto hidden under Respond.
  11. No decent 404 page. Ha! (OK, I made that one up.)

Posted by cronopio at 04:39 AM, January 04, 2003