The Hymen

Mr Jared drank his old brandy from the warm glass, swinging the liquid in small circles before raising it to his lips. He was sitting at the dinner table, the plate in front of him empty, the chicken bones on a separate, smaller plate. The butler rushed in, deftly assembled these and Elizabeth’s plates, along with the empty bowls and serving dishes, and disappeared. Elizabeth looked at the glass of bubbly mineral water in front of her, and smiled. She looked at Mr Jared with a strange fascination and delight, and he looked approvingly back at her.

‘I must admit, my dear,’ Mr Jared said with a slightly triumphant smile, ‘that you have restored my faith in virtue and purity.’
Elizabeth looked at him inquisitively.
‘It is unfortunate about all those other girls,’ he continued. ‘I truly saw a lot of promise, but in the end, they were all lost. Such a pity. And Maureen’s story about horseback riding… well, it was just too embarrassingly obvious.’
The girl giggled, hiding her teeth with the back of her hand. ‘Well,’ she said, ‘it has been known to happen.’
‘My dear, when I proposed this arrangement, I made all of you participants aware of the conditions. Maureen should have been more careful one way or the other. And I do suspect that she, like the others, broke her hymen in the –ahem- traditional way.’
A slight gasp was his response. ‘You don’t think she deliberately lied to you?’
‘Who is to say? All I know is that she is no longer a good example of the virtuousness I sought for when I began this enterprise. Teen pregnancy,’ he continued, knowing full well that he had given this little speech countless times, ‘is one of the gravest threats to modern-day society. It is at the heart of all of today’s problems, especially crime and poverty. And I, sitting on all this money, could not sit still. I simply couldn’t. The 100,000 dollars is nothing to me, and if it goes to a woman who is still a virgin at 21, it will be a great asset to her.’
Elizabeth gave him the warmest smile of the evening. ‘I promise to spend that money wisely,’ she said. ‘But the realization that I could remain pure and have a completely fulfilling life despite, no, because of it--that, surely, has been a much greater gift. It has taught me moral fortitude and the type of will power that will no doubt allow me to obtain this kind of money on my own strength.’
Now it was Mr Jared’s turn to smile. ‘Elizabeth, you may say what you will, but by midnight tonight, my accountant will make a donation in your name to that amount, and not a penny less.’ He lit a cigar. ‘Now you must go to sleep. Tomorrow is an important day for you!’
‘Sleep! Oh, I’m sure I shan’t be able to. But I will try –for you.’ She stood up, kissed him lightly on the cheek, and skipped out of the dining room.

Her ponytail hopping as she walked quickly down the corridor, she reached her room at the far end of the mansion. She opened the door, entered the darkened room and loosened her hair.
‘Ed!’ she whispered.
‘What’, a man’s voice boomed through the room.
She turned on the light to find Ed lying on the bed. ‘For fuck’s sake!’ she said. ‘Pipe down, it’s not midnight yet!’
‘As if I don’t know that. Baby, I’m sure I’ll explode, I can’t take it anymore!’
‘You can explode all you want, just not in my pussy, allright? Let me suck your dick.’
‘I’m tired of having my dick sucked! I wanna do the real thing, right here and now!’
‘Be patient, baby. Only three hours to go.’
‘Ow god. Three hours is an eternity right now. What’s the harm in doing it now?’
‘There’s always the surprise checkups. Dr Alvin is staying over, if you didn’t know.’
‘This motherfucker is eating out of the palm of your hand, Lizzie! He’s practically fucking you himself, he’s drooling so much!’
‘Hey hey! Jared is worth a hundred K to me, so he can drool all he fucking wants to!’
‘Did you let him eat your pussy, too?’
‘Don’t be crazy, Ed. He’s a fucking prude!’
‘Those guys are the worst of all. I’m sure he jerks off to your face.’
‘You’re sick. Now stop bothering me.’
‘Only if you give me what you want.’
‘You know I can’t do that.’
‘The hell you can’t.’
And in what seemed like a move he’d been milling over in his mind, lying in the luxury bed waiting for her, he grabbed her shoulders, pushed her on the bed and sat on top of her.
‘Come on, Lizzie. I haven’t had any since I met you. And you haven’t had any –ever! Don’t tell me you’re not begging for it.’
‘Not now!’
‘Yes, now!’ His legs began pushing hers apart.
‘Stop it, motherfucker! You’ll ruin everything!’
‘It’s been enough, Lizzie. I’ll show you why I want it so badly. If you only knew, you’d understand.’
‘Stop it, you shit!’
Ed, however, had already undone his pants and was pushing himself down toward her. But Elizabeth had been prepared for this possibility, as she had been for many other eventualities over the years. With her one free hand, she reached into the bedside drawer, produced a twelve-inch hunting knife and, without a moment’s hesitation, plunged the full length of the blade into Ed’s chest. Ed froze and collapsed on top of her, soaking her in blood. She pushed his big body off of hers and stared at his lifeless body.
‘Dumb fuck’, she whispered. ‘Ah well, all the more for me.’ And she broke a window, waited several seconds, and then uttered a shriek before fainting in a strategic place.

When she left the mansion the next day, Elizabeth was a hundred thousand dollars richer.

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