The Adverbial Adventures of Tom Swift

Ages ago, I found a collection of strange, humorous sentences on the web called Tom Swifties. Apparently inspired by a book character named Tom Swift, they follow this pattern:
"<Sentence>", said Tom <adverb>.
The joke is the indirect and often pun-related way in which the adverb refers back to the sentence. But let me show you:

  • 'I'm telling you, I wrote another FOR loop here', Tom reiterated. [geek humor]

  • 'Yes, it's true; they let me in', Tom admitted.

  • 'My mom's German', Tom muttered.

  • 'You think that's a hard life? Let me tell you, living in the same town all your life is not much fun either', said Tom unmoved.

  • 'I can't believe it's -17 degrees!' said Tom nonplussed.

  • 'The whole thing was a big joke', said Tom seriously.

  • 'You should have gone to the front of the boat', said Tom sternly.

  • 'I get sick every Wednesday', said Tom weakly.

  • 'I'm moving to the Midwest', Tom stated plainly.

  • 'Does this mean I'm acquitted?' asked Tom innocently.

  • 'You're really religious?' asked Tom in disbelief.

Posted by cronopio at 12:53 AM, October 30, 2002