United (?) States

Today, I saw New Yorkers on the news who had taken to the streets pleading for peace. It's ironic that the people who had the core of their city ripped away are the ones urging for restraint, while everybody around them seems to think that bombing an already devastated third world country will accomplish something. The most cynical thing is that most of the people who died in the attacks of September 11th were probably more knowledgeable about the Middle East, and sympathetic to the problems there, than those who wish to honor their memory by means of warfare. There's also a lot of talk about unity going around; some of it sounds as if healthy debate about this problem is out of the question.
The newspaper said that the victims in the Twin Towers were from 63 different countries, among them Pakistan, the Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. If Bin Laden is responsible for this, and if he did it to create a unified Arab front against the United States, in many ways, he couldn't have picked a worse U.S. target.