Smite the Demigods!

Today is "Becoming Day" on MTV. In "Becoming", extreme fans of musicians receive a makeover to resemble their idols, and are then filmed re-enacting their videos.
However, the show isn't on all day. Just now, MTV played regular videos, among them "Stan". In this best song by Eminem so far, obsessive fan Stan dyes his hair with peroxide to resemble Slim Shady, writes increasingly hysterical fanmail, and eventually kills himself, his wife and their unborn child. (The wife-and-child part was censored for the morning crowd.)
As William Shatner says in 'Airplane II: The Sequel': "Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes."

Posted by cronopio at 10:41 AM, April 22, 2002 | Comments (0)