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Q: Hey, where are all the links to funny websites, Flash movies and personality tests?
A: Look for them elsewhere. Some people make links, I make content. Don't get me wrong, I like browsing the web via a blogger, but there's enough of those to go around.

Q: So this is a personal weblog, like a diary online?
A: Wrong again. First of all, I hardly find my daily life entertaining enough to report about (I don't believe in a "show and tell" for adults); second, the interesting bits are, frankly, none of your business.

Q: So what can I find on snowstone?
A: Movie reviews. Ideas and inventions. Poetry. Satire. Politics. Fiction.

Q: Why are most of the entries 100 words long?
A: This is an idea I picked up at the 100 words website. I have a tendency to ramble, and this rule keeps me in check. I sometimes break it if I feel the subject requires it.

Q: What is this Esc comic?
A: I made the comic myself, but it is now discontinued. Esc may reappear in the form of blog entries from time to time.

Q: Where can I respond to your postings?
A: It is not my intention to be polemic or controversial, which is why the site offers no way of offering comments that appear on snowstone itself. But feel free to mail me at cronopio@snowstone.com

Q: What or who is "cronopio"?
A: Google will help. Knowing Latin American literature will also help.

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