Another fine snowstonetm product

Are you one of today's male business executives? A red-blooded go-getter with a win-win attitude? Then you, too, will have discovered the wonderful world of internet porn. A plethora of obscene images would be at your disposal –were it not for your boss monitoring your online behavior. He (or she!) will carefully intercept any image file you download and expose you for the dirty little pervert testosterone-charged alpha male that you are.
Now, snowstone offers you a unique opportunity to covertly continue your sexual surfing, thanks to Sexceltm! Sexcel takes pornographic image files and converts them into harmless MS Excel sheets, representing sets of pixels as colored cells in the sheet. Granted, image resolution decreases and the number of colors is limited, but no one will suspect a file with the .xls extension. Sexcel -- it gives a whole new meaning to the word 'spreadsheet'!
Click here to see a sample of a Sexcel "image"!

Posted by cronopio at 12:43 AM, July 19, 2002 | Comments (0)