Pro Con Artists

Today, the newspaper reported that a 54-year-old Serbian had attended 1,500 weddings in 32 years without being invited to any of them. (He always brought a nice gift for the bride, to avoid suspicion.) This reminded me of a similar and equally beautiful story.
In the nineties, a journalist had to name everyone on a photo of a political summit in France, to make a caption. To his surprise, one man could not be identified by anyone. In the paper's archives, the Mystery Man appeared again and again on pictures of all sorts of important political gatherings. And when François Mitterrand kicked off an international football championship, who handed him the ball in the middle of a full stadium? Monsieur X.
The man turned out to be a harmless unemployed guy who had managed to sneak into all these events unnoticed. The whole affair was a major embarrassment to the French authorities, who were obviously not amused.

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