Definitive Spam

In my inbox today was the following bold headline at the top of a piece of spam:

"Every Man Wishes He Had a Larger Penis...
Well...So Do 72% of Women..."

What can you possibly add to this? Never before has advertising shot itself to perfectly in the foot. It was right there in fluorescent pink-and-white:
Seventy-two percent of women wish they had a larger penis.
I hope I never run into any of them, thank you very much. I prefer my women penisless.

Update: I stand corrected. Browsing on, I caught this gem: "Click here and in less than a minute you will learn how to attract the opposite sex like a magnet".
Think about it for just a minute if you will. Take a magnet. Put it on the pavement in a busy street. Does it attract the opposite sex? I don't think so. So learning how to attract the opposite sex like a magnet is something that seems pretty easy. I'm sure I could learn that in under a minute.

Posted by cronopio at 12:02 AM, October 03, 2002 | Comments (0)